My Life with God

A Careful Faith

d8d8a05afdb7b54cb5899108361322acCarefully observe the commands of the Lord your God, the decrees and statutes He has commanded you.(Deuteronomy 6:17)

We can easily become content to simply satisfy God’s commands. We make it more about satisfying a legalistic list instead of satisfying a loving, pursuant, patient God.

Observing His commands is not enough. We must carefully observe them. (Some translations use the word diligently.) That means we cannot check them off our lists. We be vigilant and humble, always learning, growing, and changing. We don’t place a memorial stone where we’ve experienced God, then camp under it for the rest of our lives. We mark the moment and move on to experience more moments, and God generously changes us through the journey.

A careful faith isn’t safe and sedentary. It is bold and courageous. Faith emulates God, so when we authentically seek Him, we reflect and become more like Him along the way.

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