My Life with God

Conditional Trust

c3695664ee0db4631a9f35105041a02b“Deal with us as You see fit; only deliver us today!” (Judges 10:15)

We make deals with God. We go to Him with what we think is trust, giving Him permission to do what He wants, yet there are often conditions. We basically say, “I trust that you will _____, God. Go ahead and do what you do best. But can’t you just _____ now? That’s how I’ll know you’re really there and working in my life.”

We want immediacy. We’re often willing to delay receiving what He wants to give us because immediate results are more important to us. We’re willing to pay a little more interest in the long run because we get what we want in the short term.

But God doesn’t work like a bank or credit card loan. If we tell Him to “deal with us as You see fit,” there will be short-term and long-term consequences, lessons, and preparation. Placing conditions on His provision and timing don’t limit Him at all, but it limits our connection to Him.

The only condition we need to put on the trust we have in Him is that He will continue to be who He is, not the image of what we’ve created Him to be. That’s a condition He will always meet.

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