My Life with God

“We” Had a Tragedy

community 2I read or heard it multiple times after the news of the tragedy that struck a family and change their lives forever. But they didn’t stand alone. I didn’t hear people talk about what happened to “them,” but that “we” had a tragedy, encompassing the entire community. Sure, not everyone was personally changed, and most certainly no one was affected the way the family was (and is), but the response reminded me of the burden community bears for one another. When we live united, as one, we feel the pain of others. We experience hurt alongside them. It isn’t the same as theirs, but we still feel it. Our hearts break, grieve, and hurt.

The same can be said about the celebrations and successes. We enjoy them together with fervor.

We savor and we endure forever. That’s what sharing life entails. The good and the bad, the heights and depths, the elating and crushing news. Our lives change together. It’s not always pleasant, but sometimes it is. And sometimes we experience some of the sweetest moments of closeness because of the struggles.

Live well together, no matter where you are, what you’re going through, and who is beside you.

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