Grace in Saving

graceOn the first day of every week, each one of you should put aside money as you have been blessed. Save it up so you will not have to collect money after I come. (1 Corinthians 16:2)

Ponder It.

  • What do you generally save? Think of what you value saving outside of money, such as newspaper clippings or time. If you had to identify what you come closest to hoarding, what would that be?
  • What are the benefits of saving? What can be the dangers of saving?

Receive It. God deposits grace in us. He spends his grace on us. What are you doing with it? We need to spend it where and when God says to spend it. Just because of who God is and what his grace is, we can be certain he wants us to spend grace abundantly. Saving it doesn’t compound interest. We don’t get more grace by hiding grace. Grace abounds as grace is spent. (Of course, the same principle doesn’t apply to spending the money God gives you, yet we can be certain that when we spend and save as God guides, his blessings will abound even if what he defines as a blessing isn’t consistent with what we wanted or would define as a blessing.)

We often withhold from God. It doesn’t make much sense. Everything we have is his anyway, but that’s not how it seems. We earned it. We worked for it. We deserve it. Really? Grace is undeserved. God pours his grace abundantly into us, yet we distort what he gives us into something we have a right to receive. We ask, and we receive, then we hoard. It’s not God’s intention. He wants us to be a vessel through which his grace flows. We’re not the last stop in the flow of grace. We receive, then we give. When we try to save it, it goes unused, and the blessing potential it has is thwarted. God is depositing grace into your life, and he’s doing it abundantly. He gives you more than you need because he is kingdom-minded. Will you live boldly in his grace?

Live It. Look around you at something you have saved. Does God want you to continue to save it, or has saving it simply become a habit? Listen to how he guides, and give away something that has taken a priority in your life, not because God has made it a priority but because you’ve decided, somewhere along the line, that it needed to be a priority.

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