Down the Mountain

I’d never visited the mountaintop resort city. Even though my friend grew up close by, she hadn’t either. It was such a quaint town. We were primarily there to run a quick errand, something I wanted to do for my daughter and son-in-law. But we stayed long enough to eat a scrumptious dinner in a rustic restaurant and shop at several quaint stores.

After a couple hours, we headed home, but we decided to take a different way. We had come the more populated way, primarily because of our time spent in another quaint mountain town, but it seemed to make more sense to head down the mountain the “back way.”

We were glad we did! The views were amazing. The “bigness” of nature surrounded us: sharp crags of mountains, roaring rivers filled with melting snow, lush meadows, vibrant blue skies decorated with floating fluffy clouds.


The grandness and details of nature amaze me.

The God who made the grandness and details amazes me even more.

As we meandered down the winding roads through small towns, ranches, and canyons, we took it all in, laughing together, dreaming together, reflecting together. To me, it was healing. The morning had been filled with a lot of alone time to think, pray, and mend. Even though we were together, we treated the morning as a retreat, and it helped each of us focus and relax.

Now, as we headed down the mountains, it was time to re-enter real life. I looked around and my eyes filled with tears. I was sad and grateful at the same time. I was literally coming off a mountaintop while also coming out of a depth that seemed inescapable. Yet here I was, still moving, still breathing, still living.

The grandness and detail of it all amazed me.

Only God.


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