Tough Standards

fleur-treurniet-325960Why do we think it’s not fair to be held to God’s standards? Maybe we think His standards are unreasonable, inconsistent, or just plain weird. Maybe we don’t like them because they invade our own preferences too much. Maybe we just don’t understand, and why live by something we don’t understand or accept?

Then there is the other side to this: when we wrongly assume some things about God’s standards and try to live by them in action but not in understanding or intentional humility. We just go through the motions, and our motives are misguided, which begs the question, “Are we truly following God’s standards?”

You know, we rarely meet our own standards. Maybe that’s why we struggle with meeting or even pursuing God’s. If we can’t meet our own, how could we meet someone else’s, especially God’s? Isn’t it just easier to set His aside?

Maybe in the short term it is.

Good thing God’s in it for the long haul.

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