My Life with God

Willing to Shift

SHIFTAre you willing to be shifted? Are you willing to be changed? Not in control of the change. Not changing with the wind, so unstable that you have no consistency.

But are you willing to be shifted and changed while also staying stable at the core?

There are certainties that form a core of truth and consistency. It’s not a core that you simply come up with on your own, that you decide to pack into a firm ball and make it what centers you. Well, you can try that, but wanting something to be stable and finding that it is actually stable over time are not the same thing. Instead, the core comes from a pursuit of truth over time. It comes with the humility of being willing to be shifted and changed, the willingness to invite pruning, correction, and refinement. The core is comprised of what proves itself over time.

And that core, as solid as it is, is small. Compared to everything else in life, it’s packed and mighty. It can get ignored. But it is essential.

It’s what you truly believe in, what you would die for, what centers not only your world but the world. When everything else gets burned away, it’s what remains. When everything else gets boiled away, it’s what remains. When everything else gets broken and blown away, it’s what remains. But the reality is that we rarely get the chance to experience a trial so severe that we can actually see what is left after such refinement. Or we get caught up in the twisting turmoil and are disoriented. We are typically faced with so much other stuff that the core is obscured and muted.

But the core is still the core. Everything else must be filtered and tested. And in the process, you will be shifted and changed.

It’s a good thing.

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