My Life with God

The Easy Hard Questions

7.18.ItWillBeHarderThanThink_848814452Some questions seem easy until we need to answer them.

“Why do you follow Jesus?”

Duh. I mean, that’s pretty easy, right? At least for someone who seems focused on following Him.

That’s what I thought.

I was asked to speak to a group of junior high students and share my answer to that question. I’d be one of several speakers, and hopefully, our combined answers would reveal to them that there are many answers to the question. Faith, as community-based and relationship-building as it is, is a personal journey.

And as I reflected on my journey throughout life, I realized the question I thought I could answer quickly and easily was a bit more complicated than a simple answer. Perhaps not as complicated as rich.

Rich because I had grown. Rich because my faith has been tested and refined (and continues to be). Rich because of struggles and discussions and experiences and real life. Rich because of the value that following Jesus has added to my life, to my identity, to my character, and to my worth. Rich because of the many relationships along the way. Rich because of who Jesus is.

Sometimes the easy questions become the hard ones, and the hard ones become a bit more easy.

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