Thankful for the Thud


It took me a moment to wake up and realize where I was and what I was hearing.


There was just enough time between thuds that formed a pattern and made me wonder what could be making such a odd, consistent noise in my house. It wasn’t alarming, just unsettling.

As I left the comfort of my bed to solve the mystery, I soon realized the noise wasn’t inside my house but outside. A neighbor was getting a new roof, and the rhythmic noise was the thud of plywood as each piece was pulled off the truck, hitting the ground before it was passed to the next worker. I watched for a moment and noticed how efficient the unpacking and set up was. This team had definitely roofed a few houses before.

I was thankful the thud wasn’t inside my house.

I was thankful the thud hadn’t started any earlier.

I was thankful the weather was still nice enough that the neighbor could get a new roof before winter set in.

Then I started thinking about my thankfulness for the heat that took the chill out of my house that morning, then my thankfulness for having a safe and cozy place to live, then my thankfulness for waking up and being able to live another day.

Thankfulness builds momentum and grows. And sometimes it takes an annoying, disruptive thud to get it going.

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