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Pieces of Yesterday

facebook_1511144871176Life is too short to start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.

I saw the graphic, posted on a site from which I often share, and I nodded in agreement…briefly.

Then I reconsidered. I disagree.

Oh, I get what the author intended: Don’t unnecessarily carry around the broken pieces of the past. Start new. The past might be too destructive and dangerous.

But sometimes we need to sift the broken pieces first. Sometimes the brokenness is a huge opportunity for healing and beauty. If we don’t let God sift the pieces, we’re not completely trusting Him to redeem us. We might set aside pieces that are important to our lives – building materials and beauty materials.

It’s all about timing and wisdom: God’s. On our own, we sweep away the pieces too quickly or walk through them for too long. We make them into something they’re never intended to be, carelessly handle them, or replace them without dealing with them.

Sometimes the broken pieces of yesterday become important pieces of tomorrow.

If you try to figure out what to set aside, what to keep, how to repurpose it, and in what timing on your own, you’ll most likely waste time and still end up disoriented, even if you don’t realize it.

Instead, trust God through the process.

Begin today.

2 thoughts on “Pieces of Yesterday”

  1. Truth. As my mother battles dementia and heart failure, she fights valiantly against being told what to do. She has always been very strong willed, and with the filters off, it has made dealing with her and her health decisions very difficult. As a health professional, I understand the doctors and staff questions, but as a daughter and knowing what Mom’s wishes are, I am finding myself at odds with the system I work for. Very hard spot to be in. And sometimes every day is Groundhog Day…we keep repeating. “What is the code status?” “Same as it was yesterday.” I want to scream: QUIT ASKING THE QUESTION, her answer will not change. No, she doesn’t always take her pills. No she does not always understand what is going on—but she gets when the doctor is telling her “things don’t look good,” and interprets it as “they are giving up on me.” Afraid of dying, because she thinks she hasn’t lived a good enough life. Yes she is a baptized Christian. But wth confusion clouding her thought process, nothing is getting through. Horrible struggle. And yes, these broken pieces are going to affect me forever.


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