My Life with God

All I’m Asking Is Too Much

31ee99_38f383c0f11e49af9f48cb65dc411627“It’s all I’m asking.”

And with that claim, we minimize our requests. We’re really not asking for much.

“God, if you give me this one thing…”

What if the “all we’re asking for” is too much?

Each request comes with many side requests that we might not state or even realize. Anything we receive crowds out other possibilities. Each “yes” comes with a “no” or several. Each benefit comes with a cost.

Your request might seem reasonable to you, perhaps even humble. But keep it in the context of the give and take of life. It might be more than you’re willing to receive or accept. Or perhaps the cost will be well worth it. Just know that requests involve sacrifice. Every single time.

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