My Life with God

Today’s Eternity

eternity-picIf you are able to look to the future, either negatively or positively, you are able and need to look at eternity.

Some of us prefer to not look that far ahead or even consider it as a possibility. Many say we need to “live for today,” and I would agree to a certain extent. We can’t fully live our lives without embracing today and being present and engaged in it. Yet today fits into the context of the yesterdays and tomorrows.

Just as our lives have been impacted by yesterdays beyond our own lives and memories, our lives are also impacted by the parts of our tomorrows that we can’t fathom.

People often make decisions because of how they want to live in their tomorrows – investing money, beginning or ending relationships, or maintaining particular habits – yet they will not consider the impact their decisions today impact eternity. Eternity isn’t just the “someday, when I die.” Eternity is also now. It’s timelessness. It runs farther than you can imagine, both backward and forward.

And everything you do today affects that eternity. You dwell within time, but you exist within eternity.

Considering eternity is important, not for the someday, but for today.

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