My Life with God

Cold Day, Warm Heart

20171230_120231.pngYou may already know that I like polar bears, and any time I get a chance to stop by and say hi to Kali at the St. Louis Zoo, I take it.

Recently, that meant shivering in single-digit temps to watch her swim. Yes, swim, in what I can only imagine were absolutely bone-chilling temps. For her, it seemed comfortable. Not even her neighboring grizzly bears were out in the weather.

And while there also weren’t many people at the zoo that day, I had four of my very favorite people with me. The five of us had picked up warm drinks and quickly walked toward Kali’s area together. We were cold, but there was a moment when I looked around and reflected on how thankful I am that I get to do life with them. Sometimes it’s comfortable and other times it’s not. We’ve wintered a lot lately, but the bitter cold isn’t going to make us bitter. It’s only going to make us appreciate the warmth. Because there is plenty of it. Sometimes we just have to get closer together to find it.

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