Divorce, My Life with God


photo-1463750907899-09643911554aThe week after my ex announced he wanted a divorce, my mom sent me a card to encourage me, to bring a faint ray of light into a stormy season. Hers was the second house I had retreated to on that black Saturday, the morning after his shocking words fractured my world. She saw me shattered.

In the weeks that followed, she sent more cards – one every week. They arrived like clockwork. Some prompted a slight smile or laugh; others prompted streams of tears. Some were sweet; others were borderline inappropriate. I loved every single one.

She had to get creative when shopping for cards. The divorce process dragged on much longer than expected. I told her she could stop. But she couldn’t. She was determined, and it was one way she could support and encourage me. (She also asked me hard questions and wrestled through understanding with me. That’s important support and encouragement, too.) We laughed a few times, reflecting on how much money she could have saved without buying and mailing all those cards, but she got a lot of bang for her buck. Each investment of a few dollars yielded a payout of encouragement.


That’s how many cards Mom sent me.


Probably a few more than either of us expected, but I appreciate every single one.

Sometimes when life seems uncertain, something consistent helps steady someone. Consider how you might encourage someone through his or her current season. It can be cards, texts, meals, or errands. Be a dose of stability in someone’s shaky season.

(Thanks, Mom.)

6 thoughts on “77”

  1. Wise counsel. You must have a great mom. From the moms viewpoint…you don’t want to know…we just need a way to make it all better. Sometimes we choose wisely, sometimes we don’t. Blessings to both you you.

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