My Life with God

When The End Is New

20171129_114925.pngIt was my last day at a job, and my friends insisted we go to a local restaurant. It would be my first time at a place people drive for miles to visit, where only a handful of people can sit. I had experienced one to-go order years ago, and the sight of the greasy bag didn’t actually make an impression that drew me in to a repeat experience.

We walked in, and there were just enough stools at the counter, but they weren’t all together. Of course, working with some strong women, it only took a quick minute to convince everyone to shift enough so we could sit in a line together.

I ordered a basic meal and watched as every order was filled in a tiny space. I was impressed. And while I’m not much of a greasy food eater, fresh greasy food is a bit more appetizing.

There I sat, among some good friends I felt as if I had just met but had worked with for over two years, and I experienced something for the first time.

Endings can yield newness. It can invite and foster new experiences and relationships, revised expectations, fresh perspective.

With all the rough endings in my life this past year, I have not ignored the new opportunities. I’ve tried some things I might not have tried otherwise. I’ve thought through some shifted perspectives. I’ve made some new paths where ruts once ran deep. I’ve experienced life in some new ways, and while some of those “lasts” are sad, I’ve done my best to greet the “firsts” with hope.

Try something new today. You might not like everything you try, but when you move on with hope, you will always find purpose in the journey.

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