My Life with God

Tenacious Hope

only-hopeSometimes I think we believe we are holding on to hope, that we won’t let go of it, but I wonder if it’s actually that hope won’t let go of us.

Victor Hugo said, “Hope is a delusion; no hand can grasp a wave or a shadow.”

When we look at hope as something we must grasp and contain, something we are able to shape and control, we will be disappointed. When we look at it as something much more elusive but also more immense and invasive, it challenges and encourages us. Hope isn’t what we decide it to be. It’s not an empty vessel that we fill with our wishes. It is so much more.

Hope is tenacious. It is powerful. It fills and nourishes us.

Hope is stable and dependable.

We can choose hope, but we don’t contain hope. It is bigger, because true hope is firmly rooted in God. He defines hope with his unrelenting character. He pursues us with hope. He challenges us with hope. He grows us with hope.

Hope has so many more purposes than to make us feel better. It is less about us deciding what we want and accomplishing it and more about humbly growing into our purpose.

Pursue God’s tenacious hope.

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