My Life with God

Perspective Reminder

photo-1447584402565-2a5b35a7ea8aI stood in line getting my favorite fountain drink, and a woman at the front of the line asked for a specific lottery ticket. It wasn’t available. She said it was too bad because it was her lucky kind, but she requested another one. The clerk said it wasn’t available either. On to choice number three.

“Oh, we’ve got that one!,” the clerk declared. The customer joked, “Well, it’s about time!”

The relief was short-lived when the clerk reappeared from behind the counter to deliver the disappointing news: “I’m so sorry, but we must have sold out of that one, too.” Several of us in line laughed and someone said, “Well, she’s just messing up your entire day!” The customer chuckled and succeeded in securing a ticket on her fourth attempt, then said, “If that’s what messes up my day, I have a pretty pitiful view of my day.”


Don’t let the unimportant things of your day bear too much weight. We all do it from time to time and usually rationalize our perspective.

It’s good when we get a reality check reminder.

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