My Life with God

Walking Through

photo-1511871082691-7b65a2cadf2eWhat a beautiful day.

It was the first Saturday nice enough to walk in my favorite park, and what a grand sneak peek of Spring it was. My walk time was limited, sandwiched between work and an evening commitment, but the time stretched. I soaked in every minute. I took in the experience with my eyes and heart wide open.

I watched families play together, eat together, relax together. I watched couples walking hand in hand. I saw dogs frolicking and anxiously pulling their owners to move a little faster. Young boys and older men fished. Geese lazily paddled across the water. People cruised in their freshly-washed vehicles with the windows open.

I smelled the fresh smell of damp leaves being burned and the tempting scent of a grill, perhaps prepping its first meal of the year. I smelled warm earth and crisp air. I smelled a freshness all around me.

As I briskly walked the meandering path up and down hills, I felt strong. I remembered a year earlier when I felt I was just getting my walking legs beneath me, when I tried my best to notice and appreciate details around me but had to push through numbness, tears, and a swirl of emotion.

One year later feels so different. As I walked, I steeped in appreciation of God’s provision, strength, peace, and trustworthiness.

Every day cannot be filled with sunshine, but I can walk in God’s light and presence every moment. I can experience the fullness of him no matter what the weather. I can appreciate who he is no matter what circumstance I’m walking through.

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