My Life with God

As The Birds Chirp

photo-1470569767443-ec53af605b81The birds’ chirps sound crisper this year. I seem to notice them as soon as I walk outside and, sometimes, first thing in the morning before I step outside.

The birds’ alertness and beautiful sounds encourage me, reminding me of Spring, bursting with hope, warming my heart, and fueling my soul.

I don’t know what every chirp means, but they sound like bursts of sunlight to me this year. They invite me to step into the warmth of revealing sunlight, which nourishes the world.

As the sunlight enables plants to boldly grow into color, God reminds me he does the same for me.

He’s been working on me in the cold, dark, dampness of winter.

He wastes nothing.

He knows what is coming.

Spring is on the horizon.

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