My Life with God

Now and Then

keem-ibarra-560576-unsplashIf Jesus did nothing else for me, he has still done enough.

As I worshiped, I focused on him, on the words I was singing, and how I run to him so often. I was overwhelmed with his provision and his sacrifice.

He laid down his life for me. He made that choice. He wasn’t a passive participant. He knew what he was doing. He died a horrific death. He endured undeserved pain, judgment, and death.

That is enough.

We can get so busy with life that we forget or downplay the weight of Jesus’ sacrifice. But when we know him well and we sit in the truth of his life and death, even for a short time, reality sets in.

Jesus is not past tense. What he did for me and for you isn’t past tense. He continues.

But even if he didn’t continue, he would be enough. He has done enough.

I am grateful he continues, but I hope I never focus so much on what he can do for me now and in the future that I minimize what he has already done. In fact, I hope I never focus too much on what he can do for me. Period. It’s not about me as much as it is about him. That truth calibrates and comforts me.

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