My Life with God


photo-1512852939750-1305098529bfI packed my lunch for a day away from the office. When I unpacked my food to eat, I sighed with appreciation. My daughter had given me the lunch bag, and a best friend had given me the containers to keep my food cold. My lunch that day was seasoned with the blessing of special people in my life.

I love pouring into others. Listening to, encouraging, and challenging others enriches my life. Relationships, even when they are difficult, are purposeful. What we experience with others develops us into who we are. It involves give and take, which includes bold honesty and humility, abundant grace and forgiveness, and sacrificial choices. Sometimes we’re not willing to give, and we lose. Others lose, too.

Invest in others today. Allow others to invest in you today. It is worth the humility and effort. It can make life – even a simple lunch eaten alone – much more delicious.

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