Divorce, My Life with God

When Plans Change

photo-1462885928573-b5d04c6855deYesterday’s post was about the anticipation of an important meeting between me and my-soon-to-be-ex-husband.

The meeting didn’t happen.

Yesterday I wrote about my intentional preparation leading up to the meeting – the meeting that didn’t happen. But that preparation wasn’t wasted.

Had I relied on myself for the preparation, perhaps it would  have been wasted. I might have prepared for the wrong things. But I tried to focus on allowing God to prepare me. After all, he knows what’s coming. He knows what preparation I actually need.

I was frustrated and disappointed about the meeting that didn’t happen, but in reality, it didn’t shock me. Why be shocked about consistency? I simply sat at my desk for a moment, and I heard myself sigh. And I took one step.

Yesterday’s post was about a spiritual workout that left me strong and peaceful.

God’s strength and peace abide.

Trust his preparation. Even when you don’t like the outcome,you can trust him through the process.

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