Divorce, My Life with God

Spiritual Workout

photo-1523395294292-1fbf0cd2435eIt was the night before I was supposed to have an important meeting with my soon-to-be-ex-husband. (It’s still so awkward to refer to him, as I have no idea how to categorize him at this point in the-divorce-that-never-ends.) I had been gearing up for it emotionally and spiritually. We have no contact at this point. It’s simply not healthy to interact. Maybe someday, but not now while we are still sorting through the details.

I knew I needed to be in a good place, a peaceful place, going into a potentially rough situation. But I felt surrounded and filled with God’s presence. I had friends who were spiritually walking beside me – people I’d asked to pray for him as much if not more than for me just as I had asked them to pray for our attorneys leading up to our last court date. Yet I knew my heart, mind, and soul position was important.

While working out, I turned on a video from a recent event that was cancelled due to weather. Because of the cancellation, the speaker recorded the remaining teachings to share with those who had purchased tickets for the event. But now, many more people, including me, could be encouraged and challenged by the teaching.

It was bold, comforting, convicting, and inspiring. My heart pounded more from the spiritual workout than the physical one. At one point, there was a break in the teaching, and one of my favorite worship songs played while Scriptures displayed on the screen. The more I walked, the less tired I became. God strengthened me. He opened my eyes, ears, mind, heart, and hands.

I have decided spiritual workouts are my favorite. The results aren’t usually widely noticeable, at least not for a while, but they are invigorating.

Be intentional about your faith. Let God fill you with his strength and peace. Be willing to work out, whether that means an effort toward something or a withdrawal away from something. Just make it less about you and more about him.


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