My Life with God

Traveling Entertainment

photo-1439147229757-b3e2a7731fc8I was traveling to a family event, and my youngest daughter planned to ride along. Then two of my mom’s best friends, including my aunt, decided to ride one way with me and return home with Mom a day later. So, off we went.

I enjoy driving, and sometimes I prefer the solace of driving alone, but other times, company is just what I need to not only pass the time but make new memories. I’ve never been a big supporter of in-vehicle entertainment. Thinking, reading (not while driving!), and talking are my preferred options for traveling entertainment. And on this trip, I rarely needed to say a word. The entertainment filled the van with stories, questions, comments, and laughter. The topics widely varied and were not what I expected. But it was such fun to listen to and participate in. What a fun trip with people I love.

The following evening, my passengers shifted. My oldest daughter and almost son-in-law needed a ride home. My aunt and mom’s friend let them know they had a responsibility to keep up the high entertainment value. They didn’t disappoint. It was fun to have my girls (plus one) in the van for a longish road trip. We laughed and made new memories, and the time seemed to pass too quickly.

Oh, how I appreciate the people with whom I travel through life. Although some of the topics that come up along the way still surprise me. 🙂

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