My Life with God


photo-1506710413-d5d6f022286d“But what about…”

We need to make important connections across issues, injustices, and differences. But when we issue-web in the heat of an argument or crisis, we divert energy, effort, and focus away from what needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

We respond like spiders, fervently building webs. We hear “this is an important issue” then respond with one “…but what about…?” after another. If people are concerned or outraged about one issue, we want them to see the importance of our issue, too.

Attention gets diluted with our questions when we’re not focused. We siphon away awareness and wonder why very little action is taken. We might think we are part of the solution but are actually adding to the problem.

The content of the distractions are likely valid to discuss and remedy, but the timing could be detrimental. Let’s communicate well and combine our ideas and efforts. In the process, we grow in our relationships, experience the value of humility, and take a step closer to improving our communities and world.

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