My Life with God

God’s Silence

photo-1464290109611-fe29ef5669c9Just because God is silent doesn’t mean he is absent.

Whether we welcome or dread silence depends on our perspective and comfort. We want peace and quiet at times, but we impatiently await a response at other times.

God’s silence is the most filled silence I have every experienced. When we know him well, we hear him through his Word and through his Spirit.

Silent? Not really.

Perhaps we define God’s silence as a lack of clarity. If he doesn’t make something obvious to us, we might want to claim his silence out of frustration, confusion, or irresponsibility. If we don’t think he is speaking, can’t we excuse our lack of response?

Knowing God doesn’t require him to meet the level and type of communication we want from him. It requires our minds, hearts, and souls diligently opening to him – ready, attentive, and responsive. Always listening. Increasingly patient. Never excusing.

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