Divorce, My Life with God

Fresh Ink

photo-1523292507848-543224912bbfAnticipating at least a short wait at a restaurant to meet up with a couple friends travelling through the area, I took a stack of thank you cards. It seemed odd to write “thank yous” following the divorce, but there were a handful of people who lived in the trenches with me. I wanted to express my appreciation. I suppose it is similar to the thank yous written after a death; after all, it was a death. I lost my best friend and life partner.

I thought I’d grabbed a pen at home, but it wasn’t where I would normally put it in my laptop bag. I knew there were likely pens from various trips in the bag, and the first one I pulled out made me smile. It was from my ex’s former counseling business. It was an old favorite I had helped choose and order. I addressed an envelope with it – or tried. It was reluctant to work. The ink was dry. I had to apply quite a lot of pressure to produce clear writing. I made it through one envelope before setting it aside to find another option. I found another old favorite – one I thought I had lost. And it wrote as if it was brand new.

I smiled at the irony. I smiled in gratitude.

I am grateful for newness of life.

I am grateful for fresh, free-flowing ink.

I am grateful for friends who invest in my life.

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