My Life with God

Forgotten Scripture

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538My son-in-law leads worship at church, and he asked if I could read Scripture the upcoming Sunday. Of course, I could. Inconsistent  for me, I didn’t make a note of my commitment. He was at my house the night before church and mentioned it. Good thing he did!

When someone reads a couple verses during the worship service, he or she usually includes a few sentences to help tie it into the theme of the message and worship. So, I obviously should have been thinking about it.

I do not like procrastination or forgetfulness. Yet there I was. I read the Scripture several times but nothing else came to me. I woke up the next morning and started my routine with it still hanging over my head. I hadn’t spent too much time getting ready before I determined I needed to sit and focus. I needed to quiet myself.

I sad down, read the Scripture again, and I immediately knew what to say. I repeated it aloud a few times then finished getting ready.

God provided.

I’m not surprised.

He wove it seamlessly with other components of the morning.

I’m not surprised.

He used me despite my forgetfulness.

I’m not surprised.

Pay attention. Sit and focus. Let God prepare and provide.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Scripture”

  1. A timely reminder for me. There have been many things on my plate lately, and when I get stressed, I am far from God wants me to be. Even days away from work have been filled with increased stress and responsibilities, with little time for just being quiet. It shows. Thank you for this reminder.


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