My Life with God

Filling the Void

photo-1527261834078-9b37d35a4a32I had stood in front of the church for the first time in quite a while. It didn’t seem odd despite the time gap. Between serving in the church and speaking at many events, speaking into a mic on stage rarely feels uncomfortable. I didn’t really think of the time gap until I stood in front of everyone.

After the service, I hustled to the opposite side of the room to catch a couple, and we spent enough time catching up that no one was in the room when they left. Just me. I walked across the empty room that felt so full and comforting to me. I was halfway across when I heard a door open. It was a man I rarely spoke to or saw. My ex had talked with and helped him through the years, but I didn’t know him as well.

His words surprised me: “Thank you for today. It is good to see you continue to lead in the church. It’s important for many of us to see.”

I hadn’t done much, yet I suppose seeing my faith flourish through a messy season strengthened and encouraged others in some small way.

You don’t have to be in front of a group to impact someone. You only need to be in front of one and willing to give the small moments all you have. God will always use your humility. In fact, he will often multiply it.

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