My Life with God

Effort Over Ease

photo-1489348611450-4c0d746d949bI dropped off my mom and daughters at a busy mall and began to search for a parking space. I didn’t mind walking, so I drove a few rows away from the doors and started driving up and down rows. Traffic was slow and often got backed up when one person waited for others to get into a car and empty a space. I tried to avoid the rows where I saw several cars already ahead of me in the search. I wondered how long it would take.

Then I remembered another parking lot I’d used before. It was on the other end of the mall, but it was worth a look. I broke free from the congestion and found a nearly empty lot. It wasn’t convenient to where I needed to be, but I was willing to walk.

Sometimes we need to break out and be willing to walk, making an effort instead of expecting ease. Sometimes convenience is not worth the cost. As I stretched my legs with a brisk walk, I thought about the importance of stretching myself in so many ways instead of relying on my comfort or expectations.

Walking was definitely worthwhile.

Make an extra effort to get out of your comfort zone and take a different path today.

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