My Life with God

Productive Rest

photo-1520809170356-cfbee41507c1Rest can be productive.

We don’t think of it as such. We tend to define productivity as getting something done, being able to see tangible results, or marking a task off our to do list.

But we can be restful while we are getting things done. We can be intentionally productive in rest.

Rest isn’t laziness. Rest involves relaxing, refreshing, and recovering.

After a particularly busy weekend day, I spent the following day in productive rest. I accomplished numerous things, but I did so with a restful mindset and pace. It was a day of recharge, a day to reset and refocus. It was energizing.

That’s what intentional, productive rest does most of the time.

God was intentional in his rest. He was intentional about instructing us to rest. And his way of rest is always productive, because it focuses on him and grows our relationship with him, because we trust God through it.

Whether for a day, an hour, or a few minutes, rest his way today.

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