My Life with God

Higher Perspective

photo-1533456307239-052e029c1362As I traveled by plane, I saw deep gouges in the earth below. But in those very crevices is often water, shade, and protection. What looks like a sudden drop off that interrupts the smoothness of land contains something we need at times.

When we stand in the gouges of life, our view is obscured. The shade might chill us. But we might need to descend to that depth in order to get the respite and refreshment we need.

As we travel across the smooth land and come to a deep gouge, we experience inconvenience, at least, and in many cases, apprehension, confusion, and danger.

From the plane, the broader perspective of the landscape makes the journey more comprehensible, but when we are trudging one step at a time across the land, we experience it differently.

Just remember to check out the perspective from a plane at times.

Or ask God to give you a glimpse of his perspective.

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