My Life with God

Who Is Your God?

photo-1516822003754-cca485356ecbWe often use the phrase “God heard our prayers” when we get the answer or results we want, but he hears them all regardless of how we experience his response. That’s hard to swallow when we don’t get what we want, because it can feel as if he’s abandoned us, as if he doesn’t care.

But God is with us. He is simply with us in different ways at different times.

He is a healer but also a comforter. One family experiences a miracle of healing while another experiences comfort through grief.

He is just and merciful. He holds someone accountable and gives peace while he gives someone else overwhelming peace through generous forgiveness.

He is powerful and patient. He moves in a mighty way that creates or destroys while he patiently waits until the timing is best.

He is so many characteristics. We like some characteristics more than others, or at least, we like them at different times, when certain responses are most comfortable and convenient for us. But he is present as he reveals himself through any one of his characteristics.

He is.

And you can trust him even when you struggle through whatever you’re facing.

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