My Life with God

Work It Out

photo-1524901548305-08eeddc35080I booked a short chair massage. I had some down time and was a bit sore from the day. It was a fairly inexpensive and convenient option, so I sat in the chair and got ready.

I have a couple places in my back that are nearly always tight or in knots. I consider myself a fairly relaxed person, but those spots are where I carry (and can gauge) my tension, especially since a slight injury a couple years ago.

The massage therapist got to work, and she literally worked out the tension. It is an uncomfortable, nearly painful, process at times, but it is productive. I breathed deeply, consistently, and with each breath, even with the slight discomfort, I relaxed. I rejuvenated. I released.

Sometimes we need to take the time to sit and let God work out our tensions. It won’t be the most comfortable experience, but if we breathe through and relax into it, we will always walk away with a bit more of a spring in our steps.

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