My Life with God

Strange Driving

photo-1521853056524-aca372bffae7Yesterday, I wrote about how an ATV ride in the desert reminded me that visibility matters. I learned something else from that ride.

As I drove through a variety of depths of sand and degrees of roughness, I marveled at how much like driving in snow I felt in the sand. There were times I didn’t easily get traction, times when I fishtailed, times when I had to modify my speed and approach to a turn.

Different surface but similar experience.

There are some people who would have no problem driving in snowy conditions who would feel challenged in dry, sandy conditions – and vice versa. But just because we haven’t had a specific experience doesn’t mean we can’t apply what we know to another experience or relate to someone with a different experience.

It also doesn’t mean we are automatically experts just because we can relate to someone or something. Let’s be humble in what we know and how we generalize and apply it. But let’s also be willing to learn new things and apply them in ways that can help us and others.

Maybe you won’t be ATVing in the desert anytime soon, but I have no doubt you will drive through some new experiences today and in the coming days. God is equipping you to handle them well.

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