My Life with God

Travelling Alone

photo-1521200039080-c704f509c0c2I had taken a trip since my ex left me, but the divorce was still in process. Two friends had schemed to give me a getaway filled with healing, peace, and process. It was difficult and amazing.

Recently, I took a different kind of trip, one intended for fun, full of celebration and adventure and new experiences.

Without my ex – the person I planned to do life with, the one who traveled with me through everyday life but also on many adventurous trips to get away, find new experiences, make new memories.

But he wasn’t a part of this trip.

And that was okay. It’s becoming okay. I had a great trip. I savor the new memories I’ve made. I’ve changed my expectations of possibilities. I see so many couples travelling together, and I wonder where they are in life, and I appreciate them. I am not bitter that they have something that I don’t. I am thankful they have what I enjoyed for many years. I don’t want anyone else to feel the depth of betrayal and disrespect and isolation that I have experienced by the person I shared life with and loved. I want others to travel together – on new adventures and everyday life. If I can’t have it, I certainly want others to.

My life has most definitely changed. Some of my options have changed. But I can still choose contentment. I will savor new memories and appreciate the many opportunities and blessings in my life. I will choose new paths on which to grow, one step at a time.

No matter what you are facing today, no matter the uncertainties, apprehensions, or disappointments, appreciate well. Choose well. Adventure well.

Life is inviting you to participate.

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