My Life with God

Soaring Heights

20180929_121135I went on a zipline. Technically, it was called a zoomline, because it was the high option. It’s a zipline high over Fremont Street in Las Vegas, and my sister and I signed up to fly like Superman.

She wasn’t as excited about the adventure as I was, but she was a good sport about it. Our preparation process from arriving to the site to flying through the air was long enough for plenty of second-guessing. But I had none. They weighed me, suited me with gear, sent me even higher in an elevator, and I watched several groups of people get hooked up and released before me.

Still, no apprehension.

When it was our turn, my sister and I laid face down on platforms – deceptively resembling massage tables – which lift high enough to meet the cable and pulley system above us. Site staff clipped and tightened our straps, double-checked everything, then lowered the tables beneath us so we were just hanging in the air. But we were still in the tower. There was still a surface close below us as well as a half wall separating us from the rest of the cable that would carry us through the air for close to a minute at speeds up to 40 miles an hour.

20180929_121122Then that half wall lowered, and we hung there, staring a very long way to the ground.

I looked at my sister, who had suddenly come to peace about the whole thing and was ready to fly.

I, on the other hand, had a moment of “What on earth am I doing?”

  1. 2. 1.

Too late. I was suddenly soaring. My fear didn’t last long. I fully enjoyed the thrill. I held my hands outstretched by my ears just like Superman – or Wonder Woman. I looked at the people far below, many whom were looking up to watch us soar overhead.

And just like that, we were on the other end of the street.

Sometimes, anticipation, apprehension, and adventure are tightly woven together. When we let just one of them rule, we might find ourselves too fearful to experience life or too foolish to make wise decisions.

Life is too rich to compartmentalize it based on our assumptions and expectations. I am glad I soared that night. It reminded me that a moment of fear is overcomeable. Perhaps, in the context of adventure, it made my experience a bit richer.

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