My Life with God

Shifting Floor

photo-1449736656150-4a1b15a60c74I was on a crowded city bus. It was an articulated bus, or sometimes called an accordion, wiggle, or caterpillar bus. It’s the kind that has the accordion-style connection in between two solid bus bodies in order to make turning more manageable.

As more and more people loaded onto the bus across multiple stops, I moved closer to the accordion. I suppose I’d never thought about how the floor worked.

As we took several turns, some of us had to shift our feet to adjust to the floor as it stretched and collapsed. Someone compared it to feeling like it was forcing her onto the dance floor. It was an odd but sort of cool experience.

I tried to keep my feet firmly planted. What would happen if I didn’t shift and adjust?

I stayed upright, but it wasn’t easy. And it reminded me of the importance of adjustments, knowing my surroundings and being flexible in dealing with the changes.

Life is going to include twists and turns, things that throw us off balance. Stay light on your feet. God has provided the wiggle room you need to shift and turn and adjust.

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