My Life with God


photo-1490471451780-d674c13eed80I was on a crowded bus for about an hour. We didn’t travel an hour’s worth distance, but I’d still rather be on a bus than be sitting in the traffic behind a wheel.

The people on the bus varied. Many were tourists. Some were regulars. Some were heading to begin something, and others were wrapping up their evening. Their accents were different. Their clothing styles were different. Their focus and engagement were different. But many connected.

It was a bus ride with strangers-yet-temporary-sojourners.

I enjoyed listening to two couples from Minnesota connect with four twenty-somethings on a bachelor trip. They found a lot of common ground and laughed and shared life for a brief time. One of them commented on a shirt I was wearing, and that spurred another conversation of connections. My sister talked to two young women and shared ideas of things to do in the area. People who were sitting gave up their seats for people who had stood for a while.

What could have been a miserable ride together wasn’t.

There are many times we might feel “stuck” with people in an inconvenient delay. Instead of disengaging or tolerating the journey, engage with the people around you. Listen, pay attention, share, find common ground. You’ll learn something and make a connection or two along the road.

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