My Life with God

Sweet Treat

photo-1519869325930-281384150729It wasn’t my birthday, but it was a birthday trip. So, when the restaurant host asked, “Are you celebrating anything tonight?,” we answered, “Yes, a birthday – four months late.” He responded, “I didn’t hear that last part.”

He told me I had to wear a hat to identify me as a birthday girl. I did – but only until we reached our table. I made sure to set it somewhere the server would notice. After dinner, she asked if I was ready for my birthday treat. Um, yes, of course. But as she walked away, my sister raised a factor I hadn’t considered. “I wonder if they’ll sing to you.”

Well, that question would have been more beneficial if she had asked it prior to me committing to a cupcake dessert. Sure enough, within a couple minutes, several servers stood around another table and sang. Then another. I knew my turn was coming.

They came, they sang, I probably look embarrassed, then I enjoyed my cake.

It was delicious, definitely worth the temporary embarrassment.

There is often a cost to the joys of life. The sweetness comes will a sacrifice at times. But sacrifice is not a bad thing when discerned well.

Yes, I’m talking about more than a cupcake.

We often want the best life has to offer without the humility and growth it takes to truly enjoy it. We need the context.

I am thankful for each bite of sweet cake – literally, but most importantly, figuratively. But I am also thankful for the messy moments that surround the cake and emphasize the sweetness of the moment.

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