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photo-1562818473-f946847e906bToday marks my 3000th blog post on this site.

It’s not a magical number. It doesn’t mean much of anything, except perhaps to provide some encouragement…

…because I had no idea I’d blog for this long. I have questioned myself several times. And I’ve questioned God, asking him to let me know when it’s time to back off or shut down. I think it’s important to ask for confirmation and guidance on a regular basis, because I don’t want to continue out of stubbornness or obligation. My motivation is encouragement and obedience.

I have no idea how much longer I’ll blog, but it’s a reminder to me—and hopefully to you—that we often begin things with no idea what the process or end will look like. We might have a plan. We might be wrong. We might get overwhelmed. We might give up. We might persevere. We might get off track. We might lose focus. We might be inspired. The journey is often surprising—and we take it one step at a time.

In this case, one blog post at a time.

One step. Today. Take it. Whether it’s a new step or a familiar one, ask God to guide and provide, then trust him. It’s what pure purpose looks like.

2 thoughts on “3,000”

  1. So thankful that you have continued posting, even through the trials you have had the last few years. I always thought I was a writer. But I find I like reading better. There are too many times I am at a loss and unable to truly speak what is on my mind and heart without sounding maudlin.
    Pure purpose is such an appropriate name for
    your blog. You truly have kept your eyes on the prize, difficult as it may have been. You are an inspiration!

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    1. Thank you for your continued encouragement. I enjoy reading what you write, even if it’s a simple response! 🙂 There have been so many times I have considered stopping, not out of frustration or weariness, but never wanting to continue out of routine or obligation. But I pray and God provides such encouraging prompts to continue; so for now, I will. 🙂

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