Divorce, My Life with God

Stupid Is…

photo-1494698852314-652666555934Okay, so maybe using the word stupid isn’t the best choice, but some things just are.

I was recently shopping for bras, which take minimal fabric. Per square inch, they are stupid expensive. But, in my opinion, they are a bit essential. I had a coupon to add on top of the sale price, so I could (barely) bear the cost. I texted someone: “Why are bras so stupid expensive?”

We were already in a thread of messages. She was dealing with divorce from a variety of angles. Her parents and the shrapnel still flying around from it as well as good friends and people she regularly interacts with and mentors.

There seemed to be a theme:

Divorce is stupid.

The cost of bras is stupid.

So, I messaged a simple question: Which is more stupid?

Divorce was her immediate response.

Before I get some comments pointing out how divorce helps get some people out of dangerous situations, let me assure you I’m not saying there aren’t some unsafe situations, and people need a way out. I’m also not saying people who get divorces are stupid. But let’s not rationalize what we want to assure ourselves and others to be okay when it’s just not.

I’m saying divorce, especially when approached with selfishness and irrationality, especially when personal responsibility and honesty and empathy are ignored, has some stupid effects. Many times, we put something into motion and try to convince ourselves and others it’s the best option but we’re not willing to deal with the consequences. We want to make an adult choice without taking adult responsibility. It can be divorce or a myriad of other choices.

What’s the remedy of stupid?


That take humility and honesty.

Both bras and divorce have been stupid expensive for me lately. But I can still make the wisest choices possible.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Is…”

  1. Bras ARE stupid expensive..I used to get mine at the mall, now I go to Kohls. (nice selection, sales, coupons) And as a child of divorce, I can say that it’s the stupid “gift” that keeps on giving..just when you think you’ve unwrapped the last “issue” a new one seems to pop up..ugh. I try to combat stupidity (esp my own) with wisdom and a serious dose of patience..if I think my angry e-mail response is a great idea today..it will be tomorrow as well when I review it again before pressing SEND. 👍


  2. As stupid as Divorce & bras are in your situation, I am hoping you will continue to see the “uplifting” consequences of both. 😄


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