My Life with God

Friend Time

photo-1510972527921-ce03766a1cf1I recently met with a friend I only see a couple times a year. We originally met when working on an event team several years ago. God collided our lives. For nearly a year, we were in consistent contact with each other, along with others on the team, working toward a big event in the area. But when the event was over, we didn’t have a need to contact each other and stay in touch. We don’t live in the same town, and our everyday routines don’t bring us together. We have to be more intentional about staying in touch.

We met at a casual restaurant and chatted much longer than either of us intended. We talked about a wide variety of topics, but whether we shared perspectives on faith, politics, or struggles, we spoke transparently and respectfully.  We encouraged each other, not just in our comfort zones, but in ways that would help us grow.

That’s what good friends do. They do life deeply, humbly, boldly. They speak truth with love. They confront and challenge. They’re patient and pursuant.

Be intentional with a friendship today. It might be someone you see often or someone you haven’t contacted for awhile. It might be someone you need to have a serious conversation with or someone you can experience the release of laughter with. Whatever the situation, don’t put off reaching out. Don’t delay getting together.

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