My Life with God

Snapshot Place

20181103_134227It’s an iconic place to take photos. The street was lined with people taking selfies or professional photos. I’ve seen many photos with my friends standing in the same place. Personally, I didn’t need a selfie, but I turned to snap one photo of the iconic place as we walked to our lunch destination.

It wasn’t too long ago that I also took an obligatory photo at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, another iconic place to take photos. Those snapshots capture a moment in time, marking where we were.

There is a part  of me that thinks it’s silly to stop for an iconic photo. I mean, who really cares if I’m in a particular place at a moment of time? Yet it’s a snapshot of my journey. It reminds me of my steps and memories.

I’m glad I stood in this place and snapped a photo. It reminds me of a day with my mom and other family. It reminds me of the delicious pizza in the crowded restaurant and the special bakery treat afterward. It’s a good memory of an excellent day.

I am grateful for this snapshot memory.

Take a snapshot today, something you appreciate and want to capture.

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