My Life with God

Through the Mess

photo-1522167428-d603a1d62f26“This is not easy, but it is easy to mess up.”

Well, that’s encouraging instruction.

My daughter received the instruction at the beginning of a DIY video. At least, they were honest about the challenges ahead!

It’s a little like life. It’s not easy. It’s easy to mess up. But I would add, “Messing it up isn’t the end of the world.” It invites healing, humility, and growth. We can learn when we mess up. (We can also rationalize, excuse, and inflict and amplify pain.)

You might be in a mess right now. You might feel as if you are the mess. Take a breath. Pause.

Our response is often to retreat or to forge forward with force and control.

Breathe. Pause.

Getting through the mess doesn’t always mean tidying it all up, tossing pieces aside or using it all for a masterpiece. The mess is a process – getting into it and getting through it.

Breathe. Pause.

Then pick up a piece. Let God determine if you are supposed to use it, set it aside for later, or toss it. Repeat. Again and again.

It’s not easy, but most worthwhile, purpose-filled pursuits aren’t.

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