My Life with God

The Purpose In Today

My post about a favorite movie and song prompted a comment on this site several weeks ago. The song was “Good Morning” from Singin’ In The Rain. The comment told the story of someone who found the sheet music and planned to play it at a gathering. Because the gathering was delayed into the middle of the day, the song no longer would make sense as part of the agenda. But she kept the sheet music for another time.

The short response reminded me of God’s good provision and timing for each of us. I realize a piece of sheet music isn’t of huge significance—but that’s the point. God cares about the details, the little things we might easily overlook and not appreciate.

Are we consistently on the lookout for what he’s providing?

Are we willing to trust him for the timing and purpose?

Are we patient, persistent, and discerning?

Today, there is something (and many somethings) God is providing. Today, God will pause or delay something. He will also recall something you weren’t sure how or when (or if) he’d use. Today, he will weave purpose throughout your moments.

Watch. Learn. Respond.

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