My Life with God

The Leaf Blanket

photo-1517312270539-a5b1fc5f574bIt was a cold day. I intended to mulch leaves, but it wasn’t going to happen that day. Despite the cold, the sun shined, and my chocolate lab soaked up the sun and watched the leaves fall. Her dark coat stood out among the many bright yellow leaves on which she sat. She looked around as leaves fell beside her. She stayed in that spot for quite a while.

The next day warmed up enough that I decided to mulch the leaves. My pup didn’t seem happy with me. She pouted, continually moving into what was left of the leaves as I worked through the yard.

I decided to leave some for her – just a small area where she had been so content the day before.

The next day it snowed, so I’m not sure how helpful letting her keep some of the leaf blanket was, but nonetheless, she had her little sunny spot of leaves for a little longer in case she wanted to revisit it.

We often want to stay where we find warmth, where we think we have a good perspective, but there are always more options as our seasons change.

Enjoy the beautiful sunny spot when you are in it, but find a way to appreciate a changed perspective as your life’s seasons shift.

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