My Life with God

The Motion Mistake

photo-1516568623799-55acc309b9bcMotion should not be mistaken for progress.

Similarly, busyness should not be mistaken for productivity.

We can get into the habit of moving without being purposeful about it. When we don’t know what we’re moving toward, we don’t know where we’ll end up. Let’s be honest: even when we’re trying to get somewhere and have some direction and purpose, we don’t always end up where we intended. We can expend a lot of energy meandering.

Sometimes, I think the meandering part of the process is important. We’re trying to figure it out, but we just haven’t yet. At least there is an intention and motivation for moving forward. But without that intention, we can deceive ourselves to think we are growing and improving, and not only are we not, but we might be deteriorating.

We don’t want to think that way. We are a progress-driven society. We want to do more, become more. We think if we put in the time, we should get credit. But putting in time might be just that: putting in time without any growth, sacrifice, contribution.

What are you willing to sacrifice? Because progress always involves sacrifice. Progress is not as much about adding than eliminating. As we grow, we purge and allow ourselves to be pruned of what we need to not carry. Not just our external circumstances but our attitudes and perspective.

As you proceed through the day, shine a light and truth check yourself. Stand still for a few moments if you need to; a little bit of stillness can do wonders for progress, because it allows us to focus, correct, and step forward with confidence.

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