My Life with God

See Well

photo-1487081968683-2a6664e725ce“I can’t focus when I can’t see.”

Someone at work insisted she needed her glasses before she could focus on listening to a dilemma and helping solve it. We pointed out she might be mixing up her senses. But I gave it some thought, and she was on to something.

Our vision matters. It affects everything we do. If we can’t see well, and if we’re not willing to look well, we’re not able to consider the pieces important to determine our next steps. We can too easily focus on the wrong things, believe and trust the wrong things, and make decisions based on the wrong things.

Choosing to have selective sight might seem convenient at times, because we can pick and choose the pieces we have access to, creating our own reality. But are we truly seeing when we don’t see well? When we don’t use every resources we have available? When we don’t ask questions and discern between truth and deception?

My coworker is right. We can’t focus if we can’t see. And it’s not limited to what we see with our eyes. See well today with your mind, heart, and soul. You’ll learn something.

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