Family, My Life with God


©2019 Bettis Photography

My granddaughter’s heart beat against my chest.

She had made me a grandma only a few days earlier. She is a snuggler, and I held her close. As I felt her heart beat against my chest, my own heart seemed to swell. Our lives were already connected and had been for months, perhaps even longer as I imagined what becoming a grandma might be like. But this isn’t what I imagined. Sometimes we cannot imagine the breadth and depth of the reality of an experience.

I don’t know what adventures lie ahead for us. I don’t know what her personality will be like, what hobbies she’ll enjoy, what her laugh will sound like, what will hurt her feelings, and what will be important to her. But I know this: I will savor the process of getting to know her. I will continue to love and pray for her throughout her life. I will encourage her to ask questions, to live authentically, and to seek truth in all things.

I sat in a chair and read two books to my granddaughter as she slept. I hope to read many more books with her in the years to come. I hope to sit together and relax together. I hope to get to know each other and trust each other. I hope to enjoy life together – a life of pure purpose.

Thank you, God.

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